How To Sew A Quick And Easy Princess Seam

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There is a technique used in fashion sewing which enables you to get a better fit of clothing.  The technique is not used in every sewing project but is commonly used when needed.

What key technique am I talking about?

The princess seam of course! 

Princess seams are shaped and designed to fit the contour of your body shape, thus giving a garment a closer and better overall fit.

Princess seams always start at the shoulder or armhole of a particular garment and run lengthwise, finishing at either the waistline or hemline.

For a further description, click – What Are Princess Seams.

A princess seam shape (typically) is curved outwards to fit the fullest part of the bust or back area.  The curve subsequently moves inwards towards the waist and then back out to allow for hip shaping.

In this post, I want to demonstrate to you how to sew a quick and easy princess seam by way of a video tutorial.

How To Sew A Quick And Easy Princess Seam

1 – On the front panel of your sewing project, stitch a row of reinforcement stitches within the seam line, (usually from seam too just below the pattern marking).  Clip into the seam as close to the stitches as you can.

2 – Place the front panel of your sewing project right side up, and place the side panel on top.  Match markings then pin, spreading the clipped edge to fit.  Baste into place.

3 – Sew together using your sewing machine (sew with the clipped side facing up as you sew the seam), being careful to keep the underside as smooth as possible.

4 – Remove the basting stitch and finger press the seam open.  Notch out any fullness in the inward curve.

5 – Press the seam closed over a tailors ham then press the seam open using only the tip of the iron.

The princess seam – COMPLETED!

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I would love to hear your thoughts on this post.  Have you used a princess seam before?  What technique do you use?

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Happy fashion sewing

Colleen G Lea
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