Lay Planning on Lace Fabric

Lay Planning on Lace FabricHello fashion sewers and welcome to our Fashion Sewing Blog.

In today’s article, guide and FREE online fashion sewing video tutorial, I’d like to demonstrate for you the technique of lay planning (laying down sewing pattern pieces) onto lace fabric.

Now it’s not as complicated as you may of first thought, and I hope, by the end of this quick and easy to follow fashion sewing tutorial, you’ll head right on to the lace section of your local fabric stores and dive right in.

After all, there are some wonderful sewing projects to made and shown off to the world out there!

Working with Lace Fabric

Lay planning on lace fabric is NOT a difficult technique to get right. In fact, I’d go so far as saying that most beginner fashion sewers wouldn’t really struggle.

But why? Some of you may be wondering!

To put it simply, lace fabric does not have a straight of grain. Therefore, generally, the sewing pattern piece can be placed anywhere at any angle and still fall and fit correctly.

Lace fabric (as a general rule), also does not have a selvage, replaced instead by a scalloped edge on either one or both sides.

The only real issue we, as fashion sewers will face, when lay planning our sewing pattern pieces onto lace fabric, is working correctly with it’s unique pattern.

There are so many different characteristics of lace fabric, from either a net or mesh background through to the many patterns, designs, motifs, beads, cords or ribbons and sequins etc.

All we must do when lay planning, is to lay a sewing pattern piece in a way that compliments the lace fabric itself.

Fancy having a try? Let’s give it a go –

Lay Planning on Lace Fabric with Colleen G Lea

I do hope you find the following video tutorial of some use.

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Lay Planning on Lace Fabric – General Points to Follow

Work with the design in the lace and lay your pattern pieces according to what you want to capture on the final garment.

Use a directional lay plan to follow the direction of the design.

Use complete pattern pieces rather than half patterns whenever possible as this enables balance on either side.

Place sewing pattern pieces onto the right side of the lace fabric.

Use the shaped edge / border to your advantage. The beauty of some lace is the scalloped edge is a completed hemline, completed for you.

Use sharp pins and pin into the seam allowance, to avoid snagging the lace.

I hope you found this article and fashion sewing video tutorial of some use.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other fashion sewing related matter, then please do get in touch.

Happy fashion sewing

About the Author: Colleen G Lea is the founder of Fashion Sewing Blog and co-owner of DC Media Productions. Get more from Colleen at YouTube and Google+.


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  1. Cascadia2011 says:

    Ok, thank you Colleen…

  2. Cascadia2011 says:

    Hi Colleen,
    Thank you for this great video, as I have a skirt pattern I want to try using lace ( the edge is scalloped) but I was clueless as how to work with it…this video came along at a wonderful time, LOL.

    I have a question though, the other piece of the pattern (the blank side) is that from the original pattern, or did you just add it on…I was a bit confused there….!!!


    • Colleen G Lea says:

      The other piece was from the original pattern but the seam is cut that way to allow for the appliqué seam.
      Thanks so much for the comment.