How to Sew Hook and Eyes

When we think of fastenings in relation to garments, most of us think of  good old buttons or zips / zippers.  There are others, such as snap fasteners, Velcro, tape fasteners, and eyelets etc, but the one I wish to talk about in this post is the hook and eye.  Hooks and eyes are used as added security fastenings used mainly at the top of  the zip/ zipper insertion or where a button would be hard to place.  They are usually black or silver in colour and made of metal.  You can also buy decorative ones that come in all different shapes and sizes and are used on the front of garments to add drama and interest.

If this is the first time you are considering using such a notion, below, my video will demonstrate how to sew a loose standard silver hook and eye.  Remember, most hook and eyes play a more discreet role in garment construction and are usually hidden from view inside the garment to give a clean look.

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