Exposed Zipper Teeth Insertion

Exposed Zipper Teeth InsertionYou may remember, some months back, we looked at, and practised the technique of inserting an exposed zipper into and onto a sewing project.

A great method to learn and one that adds a real style element and individual look to a garment.

However, there are times when we still want the ‘impact‘ of a look, without the full ‘belt and braces‘, of exposing every inch of the zipper, teeth AND tape.

Therefore, an alternative to consider, would be inserting a zipper whereby only the teeth themselves are exposed.

In doing this, you still get a distinctive and eye catching look, without having the whole zipper on show.

This particular type of zipper insertion is both decorative and functional!

Take a look at some of the clothes in your wardrobe / closet! I almost guarantee that one, maybe two pieces (if not more), will have zippers that have there teeth exposed.

Want to learn how it’s done? Let me show you!

Exposed Zipper Teeth Insertion with Colleen G Lea

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Exposed Zipper Teeth Insertion Explained

1 – On the wrong side of your fabric, stabilize the area where the zipper will be placed.

2 – Using a fabric marker and ruler, mark out the length of the zipper. Measure the zipper from the top of the slider to the end at the stopper.

3 – Measure the width of the zipper and mark out at each end.

4 – Cut along the length of the marked line stopping around 1.5 cm – 5/8 inch from each end. Clip into the corners.

5 – Working on the wrong side of your fabric, fold back the cut edges and press.

6 – Place the zipper into position so that the teeth are exposed to the right side of the fabric. Pin and baste into position.

7 – Machine sew (top stitch) around the zipper tape, close to the edge.

8 – You’ve just inserted a zipper, exposing the teeth.

A great, effective, functional and really eye catching look I hope you agree, and a technique well worth learning.

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Happy fashion sewing

About the Author: Colleen G Lea is the founder of Fashion Sewing Blog and co-owner of DC Media Productions. Get more from Colleen at YouTube and Google+.


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Colleen_G_LeaAbout the Author: Colleen G Lea is the founder of Fashion Sewing Blog and co-owner of DC Media Productions. Get more from Colleen at YouTube and Google+.
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