Your Diet Plan For A New Year – Some Food For Thought

The New Fashion Sewing Diet!

I don’t know about you, but I’m still in a state of recovery after spending the holiday season eating a little too much chocolate.

I’ve vowed to spend more time getting fitter, yet as I look out of the window at the joggers passing by, my exercise bike is still being used as a clothes horse.

I am however, still sticking to my fashion sewing diet!

Never heard of it?

Let me give you food for thought!

It’s a simple principle, involving eating what you like, when you like but having strict control over fashion sewing cravings and restricting creative calories to look your best at ALL times.

Let me explain the five principles

Fashion Sewing Principle 1

sewing patterns sewing for beginners sewing projects
Identify your body shape! By adopting this simple principle you can buy sewing patterns specific and ideal for your shape.

To help you do this, visit the following –

Fashion Clothing For The Pear Shaped Body

Fashion Clothing For The Hourglass Shape

Fashion Clothing For The Apple Shaped Body

Fashion Clothing For The Rectangular Body Shape

Fashion Clothing For The Strawberry Body Shape

Fashion Sewing Principle 2

sewing for beginners sewing patterns sewing projects
Buy the correct fabrics! Learn which fabric types best suit your body shape and dress in them. Drape your body in quality fashion fabrics and highlight those areas that you’re most proud of.

Fashion Sewing Principle 3

sewing patterns sewing projects sewing for beginners
Colour palettes! We all have differing skin tones. We are all individuals and no two complexions are exactly the same. Therefore, what is right for one, may not be right for the other.

Spend some time looking at the clothes in your wardrobe and hold the fabric to your skin. Does it compliment your complexion?

Build up a small fabric swatch collection and the knowledge you gain, will give you better insight into purchasing only those colours that stand you firmly in the spotlight.

Fashion Sewing Principle 4

sewing patterns sewing projects sewing for beginners
Know your fashion fabric textures! A very important part of the fashion sewing diet plan.

As with areas of the body we love to show off, we also have those other bits too. You know, those parts of the body that somehow don’t fit our profile, and have a life of there own. Yes, those problem areas!

Fabrics, and in particular, the textures can act in one of two ways.

The Good!

The correct use of texture can add balance and proportion to any sewing project and make you look like a million dollars.

The Bad!

Improper use can add pounds and bulk to those problem areas you so desperately want to hide.

So be aware of how you use texture and how it’s added to your sewing projects.

Fashion Sewing Principle 5

sewing patterns sewing projects sewing for beginners
Go wild! The fashion sewing diet allows participants on occasion, to throw caution to the wind and to forget the four other principles.

I have been known to buy sewing patterns and / or fashion fabrics that I know won’t suit my body shape, or look particularly good on my frame, yet I have loved the style, the look or feel so have thought, why the hell not!

Allow yourself a little creative freedom and treat yourself. Make fashion sewing FUN.

One diet plan we can all stick to!

If you need any other diet advice, contact me via my blog, Twitter (@ColleenGLea) or Facebook and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Happy fashion sewing

Colleen G Lea
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