A Checklist for The Next Sewing Project – Butterick B5391 Easy Pants

Be Prepared and Never Go Wrong!

Are you ready Fashion Sewing Blog’s next sewing project?

If your still wondering exactly what you’re going to need and worried that on the day, that crucial element will be missing, stopping you from taking part in the sewing project, FEAR NOT!

In this post, I have provided you with a foolproof checklist of what is going to be required for the Butterick B5391 fast and easy trouser / pant sewing project.

Of course, to start, we are all going to need the pattern!

I have provided you with the following two links to aid you in this purchase –

1Sewing Pattern -Butterick B5391 fast and easy trouser / pant for the UK (Europe)

2Sewing Pattern – Butterick B5391 fast and easy trouser / pant for the US (Rest of the World)

You can make any of the sewing pattern views, A B C or D during the sewing project as they all have one relative basic shape, and the actual sewing together of the trousers / pants will remain constant.

Only the shape and style of leg differs.  No matter which you choose, the construction process remains much the same.

The suggested fabrics for this sewing project –

Flannel, Crepe, Woven or Broadcloth.

I myself will be using s stretch woven fabric.

The sewing pattern itself states Lightweight suiting and stretch woven.  They are basically the same type of fabrics and you may find that this is how your fabric store labels them.

The sewing project notions –

1 – 7inch / 18cm zip / zipper.
2 – One hook and eye closure. (take a look)
3 – Thread. (includes basting thread)
4 – Iron on / fusible interfacing.

The needle size –

The size of needle that I will be using in this sewing project is a size 80/12.  This is because the fabric I will be using is light to medium in weight.

Any questions?

I hope I’ve given you more idea as to what is going to be needed during this next sewing project.  If your still a little unsure, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer any of your fashion sewing related questions.

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If you feel you’re ready to get started, click

Sewing Project, part 1 – The Butterick B5391 Easy Pants.

Happy fashion sewing

Colleen G Lea

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