Accessorize with Fashion Sewing Blog

Downloadable Accessory Patterns!

I’m always looking for ways to introduce new and exciting concepts at Fashion Sewing Blog.

Keeping all of my material fresh, up to date and relevant not only helps attract new potential fashion sewers, but aids in everybody’s learning experience, including my own.

We are steadily learning how to create some wonderful pieces of clothing and our skill set in the art of fashion sewing is now better than ever.

It’s time we began to accessorize!

I’m creating some very simple fashion sewing accessory patterns and want to share them with you, my readers!

So! Over the coming months, not only will you continue to get FREE articles, sew-alongs and fashion sewing video tutorials, but I’ll begin to introduce accessory patterns that are in a downloadable format.

‘Simply PRINT and CREATE!’

So How Will It Work?

I’ll create, design and publish my accessory patterns in a PDF format.

I’ll write a tutorial post, guiding participants step by step in the making of the pattern.

Attached to the post will be the PDF file.

Download the file direct from Fashion Sewing Blog and print out the accessory pattern.

Using my tutorial post, make the pattern at your leisure.

It really is that easy!


I’ll only be publishing each accessory pattern and post every 12 weeks so don’t miss out.

Each post will be written in the same guise as my sew-along posts.

I’ll provide written instructions, detailed slideshows and audio descriptions to aid you complete each task.


I guarantee you’ll love these accessory patterns!

Our first accessory pattern – coming VERY soon!

Happy fashion sewing

Colleen G Lea


  1. I’m very excited to see what accessory patterns you’ll be teaching us… Can hardly wait!!